Eileen Unwin - EIU International Gem 

Eileen Unwin – EIU International Gem 

Eileen Unwin initially set up her business during her time as an expat in Malaysia. Her products range from bespoke handcrafted boho bags, Mala Jewellery and ethical home accessories, all created with “authentic values and a mindful approach” which reflect the style of the individuals who wear them. 

After a move back to the UK, Eileen wanted to continue with her business but was unsure how to break into an already crowded market as a “newcomer.” She looked for support in the local area and was recommended the Introduction to Enterprise course run by Outset plus the Skills Bootcamps – Digital Marketing

“I knew that my social media skills were not up to scratch and that I needed to keep open minded about the path that I took in terms of my business,” 

Her creativity extended to content creation, and she felt that she might need to take an open approach to how her life was to develop. 

“Thanks to the courses, I had a lightbulb moment where I realised that I needed to have a steady income to free me up to have time for my creativity in terms of the products I made and sold”. She was encouraged to build her profile on LinkedIn focusing on her skills as a copywriter and content creator and within a short time, she had secured a role working with a local school, which is a role she loves. 

“The format of the Skills Bootcamps – Digital Marketing was great as it was really flexible and the content was very relevant to both my employed role and my plans for my own business”.

“There were visiting professionals who shared their insights and knowledge, plus the supportive nature of the course helped me to gain useful contacts in a new city as well as grow my knowledge in how to build a business profile”.

“The other participants on the course were full of ideas and many of us shared an element of imposter syndrome which the course helped us to manage, by building our confidence. She went on to say that “The Skills Bootcamps helped me to develop my own creative knowledge and provided me with really useful digital tips and techniques”.

For the moment, Eileen’s role at the school where she works on internal and external communications, content creation for a range of media platforms and parent information can be balanced during the holidays with her passion for creating.  “I am very grateful for the lifestyle this affords me as I have now have a steady income but also the opportunity to scale my business at a steadier pace”.

For more information visit www.eileenunwin.com or follow on Instagram. For more information about Skills Bootcamps click here