Future of Construction
Skills Bootcamp
  • Do you wonder what is in store for the construction industry?
  • Want to know more about the different categories of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) or offsite construction?
  • Are you interested in understanding the new sustainable methods of building houses?
  • Want to find out how “pre-manufactured value” and “digital twin” could impact on your business? 

The popularity of new methods of home building and emerging technologies in construction is growing as part of efforts across the region to meet the 2030 net zero carbon target set by the West of England Combined Authority.   

We have introduced Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction to help you and your business identify and understand the benefits of modern methods of construction and offsite solutions. 

Through this training course, you will learn how to reduce the environmental impact of construction, whilst building your confidence in the requirement for traditional trades and skills, which continue to be fundamental to the industry. 

The course will cover:

  • How to improve air quality 
  • Ways to be more energy efficient
  • Methods to reduce waste 
  • Reducing the reliance on fossil fuels 
  • Understand the benefits of different MMC categories

Training will be delivered through a blend of virtual and in-person weekly masterclasses which will include site visits, online seminars and support from local industry experts and mentors.The training can be delivered as a 10-week programme or a fast track 6 or 8 week programme depending on the level of time you have available to commit. 

Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction is part of the UK Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life. The training is funded by the West of England Combined Authority and delivered by YTKO, through Building Growth South West.

Course Format: Masterclasses 

These sessions will be held weekly, either in-person at a central location or online. 

Modules within Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction will cover the following topics. 

  • Digital design skills and tools
  • Sustainable construction approaches
  • Exploring different categories of MMC typologies 
  • Pre-manufactured value and process engineering
  • Different forms of offsite construction
  • Traditional and Modern Methods construction culture 
  • Managing an MMC supply chain

We will be running two cohorts, starting in January and where possible we will accommodate hybrid learning and recorded sessions for those who are unable to attend dates. 

COHORT 1 – Week commencing 9 January 2023

COHORT 2 – Week commencing 23 January 2023

Timings and venues will be confirmed nearer the date so that you can give a preferred date for participation. 

Course format: Portfolio

You will be required to work on a portfolio to enhance your learning experience and prepare you to apply your skills on a day-to-day basis. You will complete sections of your portfolio after each Masterclass, which will be reviewed by the tutors to supply feedback and suggestions for improvements.

Course completion

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to take on an additional level of responsibility and demonstrate expertise within your existing company to help win new clients and contracts or enable you to progress in your career in the construction sector.

Pricing structure 

The Skills Bootcamp costs £3,000 per employee but the level of funding provided will depend on your employment status and size of the company you work for. Funding for this training is provided by the Department for Education through the West of England Combined Authority.

Please see the table below to confirm the level of funding you are eligible for or the cost of the employer contribution.

If you are self-employed, a sole trader, unemployed or employed and looking for a new role in another company

The training is 100% full funded with no costs to pay to participate.

If you are a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) with less than 250 employees

The training is 90% funded and your employer only needs to pay 10% of the total course costs which is £300. 

If you are a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) with more than 250 employees

The training is 70% funded and your employer needs to pay 30% of the total course costs which is £900

How to enrol

To enrol onto Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction, please complete the form below. If you have any questions about the training or would like to speak to someone about enrolment, please email