New Future of Construction Skills Bootcamp for Bristol

YTKO announces its new Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction.  This training is being delivered through our Building Growth South West programme, to help businesses identify and understand the benefits of modern methods of construction and offsite solutions.

This training, which is free to the learners, has been developed in response to the popularity of new methods of home building and emerging technologies in construction across the county to meet the 2030 net zero carbon target set by the West of England Combined Authority.  

West of England Metro Mayor, Dan Norris said: “This project has huge potential to deliver the good-quality new homes that we so desperately need as a region more quickly and more sustainably, as well as radically improve energy efficiency across our West of England region – vital in the race to hit our super-ambitious net-zero targets locally”.

Through this training course, businesses will learn how to reduce the environmental impact of construction, whilst building their confidence in the requirement for traditional trades and skills, which continue to be fundamental to the industry. The course will cover a range of topics including how to improve air quality, ways to be more energy efficient, methods to reduce waste, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and understanding the benefits of different Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) categories.

Dan Norris continues: “This new programme means workers can have fantastic opportunities to improve their skills and so adapt to the changing demands of the construction industry, as well as ensuring they are in a really good position to benefit from the jobs of the future – skilled, high-quality jobs, for life. The West of England has the potential to be the construction capital of the whole country for this new technology vital in helping address our future housing needs, and I am determined to do all I can to help all those working in our construction industry to navigate and profit from the huge changes ahead”.

This training will be delivered through a blend of virtual and in-person weekly masterclasses which will include site visits, online seminars and support from local industry experts and mentors. The training can be delivered as a 10-week programme or a fast track 6 or 8 week programme depending on the level of time you have available to commit. 

Skills Bootcamp – Future of Construction is part of the UK Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain skills for life and are fully funded for learners. The training is funded by the West of England Combined Authority and delivered by YTKO, through Building Growth South West.  The Skills Bootcamp costs £3,000 per employee with different levels of funding provided, depending on the learner employment status and size of the company. 

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